Finland's Art and Art Collections

Art network

The co-operative is a non-profit national co-operation and partner network of art world operatives.

A new way of doing things

By becoming a member, you get to influence the future development of our service! We develop our operations together with our clients.

Owned by members

By becoming a member you become also an owner.


The co-operative is a national, finnish service.

Take part in developing finnish art's accessibility and management!

Members of the board

Markku Uusiniemi - chairman
it-specialist, ret.

Mikko Alaja 
chief of association

Mika Friman

Synnöve Malmström
museum assistant

Maarit Nissilä
museum technician

Perttu Rastas
expert of video- and media-arts

Tarja Talvitie
head of collections

Juhani Viilo
lawyer, trained on the bench

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